Flowers for Families

D&R Flowers for Families Campaign

What is Flowers for Families? 

A campaign organized by Dinosaurs & Roses to help  less fortunate families in Las Vegas “bloom” this Spring with the essentials they need most at this challenging time, including clothing, furniture, appliances and more. 

Why Now?

The effects of the pandemic have been wide and far reaching — including putting even greater stress on families in need. The stress and demand on Dinosaurs & Roses to meet the increased need has grown exponentially and it’s our mission to help every family that is referred to us by other non-profits and social agencies. 

About Dinosaurs & Roses

Dinosaurs & Roses is a 501(c)(3) organization that operates a thrift store in Las Vegas. The proceeds from sales and donations support our mission in serving families in need with furniture, clothing, shoes, and household goods and necessities. 

Our Ambassadors


Russ White

Melanie Davis the Broker